In addition to developing our own products, Antares is committed to wider distribution of our proprietary technologies through strategic relationships with other key partners, both in and out of the professional audio and musical instrument industries.

Current partners include Peavey Electronics, ART, Tascam, Starmaker Interactive, Tropisounds, and Music Mastermind, Inc., with more in the pipeline.

peavey electronics
Peavey ElectronicsPeavey AT-200 electric guitar with Auto-Tune for Guitar technology
applied research & technology
Applied Research and TechnologyAuto-Tune Pre tube preamp with integrated Auto-Tune pitch processing
StarmakerStarmaker karaoke for iOS with genuine Auto-Tune
Auto-Tune iOS
Alpha ScorpiiAuto-Tune iOS for iPhone and iPad
TascamTA-1VP Vocal Processor with Auto-Tune pitch Correction
TropisoundsAuto-Tune Star for iOS
music mastermind
Music MastermindZya music creation tool