ATG-6: Close Up on Alternate Tunings
Check Out a Video Demonstration of ATG-6's Alternate Tuning Capabilities

Alternate Tunings

Over the next few months, as we continue development of ATG-6 Auto-Tune for Guitar (which should be appearing on the market next year), we'll be featuring closer looks at the groundbreaking capabilities of ATG-6. This time it's ATG-6's creativity-inspiring alternate tuning capabilities.

ATG-6 Alternate Tunings

Using Auto-Tune's world-standard pitch detection and extremely high-quality pitch shifting, ATG-6 technology lets you quickly select from among familiar alternate tunings as well as dramatic new tunings that would be physically impossible without ATG-6.

From popular tunings like double drop D, open D, open G, and DADGAD to previously-impossible tunings like six-string bass, split bass/guitar (i.e., just the bottom string shifted an octave down), twelve string, and the best polyphonic octaver you've ever heard, ATG-6 gives you access to virtually any tuning you can imagine, along with some you may have never imagined. All without the need to stop and physically retune or swap guitars.

To hear for yourself how ATG-6 opens up entirely new frontiers of guitar creativity, head on over to the ATG-6 preview page and check out the video demonstration of ATG-6 alternate tuning.


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