Close Up on String Tune & Virtual Capo
Check Out a Video Demonstration of Auto-Tune for Guitar's String Tune and Virtual Capo Functions

String Tune

As we continue development of Auto-Tune for Guitar (which should be appearing on the market next year), we're once again featuring a closer look at some of its groundbreaking capabilities. This time it's Auto-Tune for Guitar's String Tune and Virtual Capo functions.

Instant String Tuning

With Auto-Tune for Guitar, you can tune all six strings instantly with the push of a button (no motors or gears required). Simply strum the strings, trigger String Tuning via a button or foot switch, and your guitar is instantly in tune. It's that simple.

Virtual Capo

Auto-Tune for Guitar provides a virtual capo function that allows you to shift pitch both up and down a full octave, so you can play in any key or range. This allows you to play open chords in different keys at their traditional positions down at the bottom of the neck. (Imagine playing 12th fret hammer ons and pull offs in the open position, or switching to baritone guitar, bass, or even sub-bass, with the push of a button.)

To see and hear String Tune and Virtual Capo in action, head on over to the Auto-Tune for Guitar preview page and check out the latest video demonstration.


- The Whole Antares Crew

Auto-Tune for Guitar

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