ATG-6: Close Up On Solid-Tune Intonation
Check Out a Video Demonstration of ATG-6's Revolutionary Solid-Tune Intonation System

Solid-Tune Intonation Over the next few months, as we continue the development of ATG-6 Auto-Tune Technology for Guitar (which should be appearing on the market next year), we'll be featuring closer looks at the groundbreaking capabilities of ATG-6. First up is ATG-6's revolutionary Solid-Tune Intonation System.

Solid-Tune Intonation

It's one thing to tune up your strings, but as anyone who's been playing for a while knows, the tougher challenge is maintaining perfect intonation as you move up and down the neck and finger complex chords. Luckily, this is where ATG-6 technology performs some of its most dramatic magic.

Less-than-perfect intonation muddies your guitar's tone. But by using our new Solid-Tune™ Intonation system, an ATG-6 equipped guitar constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure or physical limitations of the instrument. As a result, listening to a guitar with Solid-Tune is a revelation, offering a purity of tone that has simply never before been possible.

Of course, Solid-Tune is smart enough to know when you want to manipulate pitch, so you can play bends and vibrato like you always do. In fact, Solid-Tune Intonation makes it even easier to bend to the right pitch every time.

To hear for yourself the difference perfect intonation makes, head on over to the ATG-6 preview page and check out a video of Solid-Tune Intonation in action.


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