Close Up on Guitar & Pickup Modeling
Check Out a Video Demonstration of Auto-Tune® for Guitar's Guitar and Pickup Modeling Functions

Guitar and Pickup Modeling

As we continue development of Auto-Tune for Guitar, we're taking another close look at one of its groundbreaking capabilities. This time it's Auto-Tune for Guitar's guitar and pickup modeling functions.

Hold the History of the Electric Guitar in Your Hands

With Auto-Tune for Guitar's guitar and pickup modeling, you have an impressive variety of classic and modern tones at your fingertips. Antares' proprietary modeling technology lets you select a guitar/pickup combo and then select from the specific pickup configurations that would be available on the original guitar.

For additional sonic flexibility, Auto-Tune for Guitar also offers a boost or cut tone control that can dramatically customize the sound of any guitar and pickup model.

To see and hear guitar and pickup modeling in action, head on over to the Auto-Tune for Guitar preview page and check out the latest video demonstration.


- The Whole Antares Crew

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