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Tuning In with Che Pope

In this interview, Songwriter / Music Producer / Music Business Veteran Che Pope sits down with Antares’ Anthony Gordon to discuss his career, success, and use of Auto-Tune both as a problem-solving utility and a means of deep creative expression.

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune Slice

Introducing Auto-Tune Slice – The New Sampler for Creative Vocal Production

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune Vocodist

Introducing Auto-Key Mobile

Auto-Tune Unlimited Now Compatible with macOS Big Sur

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Tutorial: Introduction to Mic Mod

Win a $30,000 Dream Studio and Other Great Prizes – Announcing the 2021 Global Producer Challenge Beat Battle

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Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune Pro: Automatic Mode

Tutorial: Introduction to Harmony Engine

Tutorial: Introduction to Punch

Tutorial: Introduction to Mutator with Wavy Wayne

Tutorial: Introduction to Choir with Wavy Wayne

Tutorial: Introduction to Duo with Wavy Wayne

Tutorial: Introduction to Aspire

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune Artist

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune EFX+

Tutorial: How to Use Mutator for Vocal Synth Textures

Roman Molino Dunn (a.k.a. Electropoint): Living in the Best of Both Worlds

Tutorial: Introduction to Articulator

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Key

Tutorial: Introduction to Auto-Tune Access

4 Tips For Musicians While Social Distancing

2020 has been tough on everyone, but musicians are faced with a unique set of challenges. Live shows have been cancelled, venues shut down, and tours put on indefinite hold.

Seeing With Your Ears: Making Music Production Accessible for the Visually Impaired

When visually impaired producer Jason Dasent began his recording career over 25 years ago, the concept of “accessibility” was still in its infancy.

Producer Steve Fisk on Mixing with Mic Mod

I was in Kansas City, MO recording the recent Rabarbaro album by The Sexy Accident at Westend Recording Studios. I’ve produced several records for them and every few years we go to Westend…

Harmony Engine: Create a Virtual Ensemble from a Single Voice

Turn a single voice into a 32-piece choir with Harmony Engine: the real-time harmony generating plug-in that lets you produce harmony arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track.

Introducing Auto-Tune Unlimited

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Auto-Tune Unlimited: our first-ever subscription offering that gives producers, engineers, and artists everything you need to produce vocals without limits.

Throat: Pitch Shifting From the Inside Out

Pitch shifting vocals has become a normal and accepted part of music-making, but it wasn’t always so easy to accomplish.

Control Vocal Breathiness with Aspire

Vocal breathiness can be tricky for a singer to dial in through a performance alone. Aspire let’s you modify the qualities of breath on a vocal—without affecting the harmonic elements of the performance.

Sybil: Tame Sibilance with the Ultimate De-esser Plug-in

Sybil makes it quick and easy to reduce sibilance—without affecting the other characteristics of a performance. Learn how this pro de-esser plug-in can remove unwanted hiss from your tracks.

Mutator: The Sound Design Tool for Creative Effects

Mutator is the sound design tool for creating otherworldly voices like aliens, monsters, robots and more. Learn how Mutator can help youproduce vocals that are out of this world.

Articulator: The Classic Talkbox Effect in a Plug-in

First heard on 1970’s recordings, the talkbox effect was pioneered by classic artists like Zapp and Peter Frampton, and still embraced by modern acts such as Chromeo.

Choir: Heavenly Choruses From a Single Human Voice

No two two voices are exactly alike. Even the world’s best trained singers, within the same range, won’t sound exactly the same.

Mic Mod: Recreating the Magic of Vintage Microphones

What is it that makes vintage microphones sound good to our ears? Learn about the science behind microphones, and how Mic Mod can turn the mics you own into the mics you wish you owned.