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Auto-Tune Live in Detail: Real-Time MIDI Control
Take Control of Your Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect with Auto-Tune Live's Real-Time MIDI Control

Auto-Tune Live Welcome to our more in-depth look at one of the key capabilities of Auto-Tune Live, real-time MIDI control. (Of course, the other key Auto-Tune Live capability, ultra-low latency, doesn't really require an in-depth look. Whether you're performing live on stage or tracking vocals in the studio, it just works.)

Total Control

Auto-Tune Live MIDI Auto-Tune Live has been designed to allow pretty much everything you might want to change in real time to be accessible by MIDI, whether from an external MIDI keyboard, MIDI control surface or foot controller, mobile device running a MIDI control app or a MIDI track from a sequencer. This MIDI control is accessed from one of two sections of the interface, depending on whether you want to control Auto-Tune Live's target pitches or the various correction and processing parameters.

Right on Target

Auto-Tune Live MIDI Auto-Tune Live provides two methods for selecting target notes using MIDI, but for this discussion, we'll focus on the Target Notes Via MIDI function as that is the one that functions in real time during performance.

Briefly, when you click the Target Notes Via MIDI button, Auto-Tune Live looks at MIDI note messages being routed to the plug-in. If more than one simultaneous note is detected (a chord, for example), Auto-Tune Live treats it as a scale and corrects the incoming audio to whichever of the MIDI notes it's closest to. Since Auto-Tune Live is constantly monitoring the MIDI input, you can actually play the chord progression of your song in real time and your pitch correction will accurately follow along. This is a great way to do correction for a song with a complex harmonic structure that would not otherwise fit easily into a single conventional scale.

Even more potentially intriguing, if the MIDI input is a monophonic (i.e., one note at a time) melody, Auto-Tune Live will force the input to that melody regardless of what note is actually being sung. You could, for example, sing in a monotone and "play" your voice from a MIDI keyboard in real time. This offers up some very creative possibilities.

Parameter Control

Auto-Tune Live Parameter Control Hiding away in Auto-Tune Live's Options dialog are the MIDI assignment controls pictured above. As you can see, it allows you to assign MIDI controller messages to virtually every real-time parameter control. While Retune Speed is probably the most obvious target of real-time MIDI control, the ability to modify Throat Modeling, Vibrato parameters, Key, Scale or Humanization on the fly opens up entirely new areas of real-time performance control.

Check It Out

Auto-Tune Live is available now for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC) and Audio Units (Mac OS X). (VST and AU versions are 64-bit compatible. Macintosh versions require Intel processors. VST versions require a host that supports VST3.)

Learn all about Auto-Tune Live, then download a fully functional time-limited trial version (iLok smart key and iLok.com account required) and try it out on your own projects. Then head on over to your local Antares Dealer or our online store and get a copy of your own.

Auto-Tune 7 64-Bit Compatible Versions Available!

And while we have your attention, just a quick reminder that 64-bit compatible versions of Auto-Tune 7 are now available. So if you've been waiting for 64-bit compatibility to pick up the worldwide standard in professional pitch and time correction, the wait is over.

These versions are available now on the Antares Online Store. While boxed copies won't be showing up at Antares dealers for a little while, anyone who registers a copy of a previous version of Auto-Tune 7 from today onward will be eligible for a free upgrade to the 64-bit versions, so feel free to pick up a copy at your local Antares dealer now.

Learn all about Auto-Tune 7, then visit your local Antares dealer or the Antares online store to get your 64-bit compatible copy.


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