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    for 2008 TEC Award


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What's New At Antares - June 2008

Welcome to the June 2008 Antares Newsletter. The Antares Newsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date on new product developments, product upgrades, special offers and any other news that we think might prove useful to you.


Harmony Engine Nominated for 2008 TEC Award
We're pleased as punch* that Harmony Engine Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator has been nominated for the 2008 TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Award in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement in Signal Processing Software. This is Antares' ninth nomination in the last 10 years.

The TEC Awards were established by MIX magazine in 1985 to honor outstanding achievement in the professional recording and sound production industry. They are currently administered by the Mix Foundation for Audio Excellence. The nominations are made by a panel of approximately 114 audio industry professionals.

Qualified Mix subscribers will determine the winners via an online ballot beginning August 1, 2008 (hint, hint). The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held Friday evening, October 3 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, on the second night of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention.

And speaking of Harmony Engine, don't forget that it is now included as part of the AVOX 2 Vocal Toolkit bundle. For just a couple of hundred dollars more than Harmony Engine alone, you can get nine additional groundbreaking vocal processing plug-ins. It is, indeed, such a deal.

* Certain unnamed members of the Marketing Department have been lobbying to use that phrase in a Newsletter for some time now. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get them off our backs. (We promise you'll never see it here again. Honest.)

Just a reminder that special AVOX 2 upgrade prices are available to current owners of the original AVOX, AVOX AT Native and TDM, and Harmony Engine.

You can find all the details on the AVOX 2 web page and order your upgrade at the Antares Software Upgrade page.

Note: If you purchased and registered a copy of AVOX or AVOX AT after March 12, 2008, you are entitled to a free upgrade to AVOX 2. To get your free upgrade, you must still complete the upgrade process at the Antares Software Upgrade page.

And speaking of upgrades, don't forget that upgrades to Auto-Tune 5 are available to registered owners of any earlier full version of Auto-Tune, going all the way back to the original version from 1997.

The Gerbil gets some serious press!
Auto-Tune in The New Yorker Magazine
"The June 9th and 16th issue of The New Yorker magazine features an article by staff writer and pop-music critic, Sasha Frere-Jones examining the dramatic impact of Auto-Tune on the music industry. The article, which prominently features our own Dr. Andy Hildebrand, traces Auto-Tune's history as a pitch correction tool, its emergence as a striking vocal effect, and its current position as the tool of choice for what has become one of the signature vocal sounds of our time. As Frere- Jones puts it:

"In the same way that the dry, flat drum sounds in Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" will forever say "mid-seventies," Auto-Tune will forever remind people of the late aughts."

Along the way, you'll also discover Dr. Andy's answer to the age-old question: Is Auto-Tune Evil?

The New Yorker Auto-Tune article is currently available online here.

In addition to the article, be sure to check out the accompanying podcast and MP3s.

Take the sounds of the studio out on the road!
Auto-Tune 5 is now available on the Muse Receptor
We are pleased to note that we are partnering with our friends at Muse Research, Inc. to make Auto-Tune 5 available for their Receptor hardware plug-in player.

Now you can have all the processing power of Auto-Tune 5 running in real-time on the Receptor�s rock solid, roadworthy platform. Take Auto-Tune 5 on the road in your next touring rig and let Auto-Tune 5 ensure a flawless live vocal performance every time.

You can run Auto-Tune 5 on any Receptor by simply downloading and installing the program from Muse Research's Plugorama.com website. The Receptor version of Auto-Tune 5 can be purchased exclusively from Plugorama.com. A special crossgrade price is available for current registered owners of Auto-Tune 5 Native or TDM. See Plugorama.com for details.

Voice Thing!
If you haven�t already (and if not, why not?), be sure to check out Antares' seriously amusing Voice Thing! voice changer. Designed to bring some of our professional voice processing technology to the recreational PC user, Voice Thing! can process and change your voice in an almost limitless variety of ways. It's not a plug-in, but a stand-alone application that sits between your microphone and any PC application that accepts audio input. (Examples might include online role-playing games, instant messaging, VoIP, or a video editing program that allows you to add your own narration of other sound effects to your video.)

With Voice Thing!, you can subtly or radically change the character of your voice, turn your (audio) self into a monster or alien, and create the effect of being in a wide variety of sonic environments, from small rooms to huge halls.

Best of all, it�s both easy and seriously fun to use.

Voice Thing! is available for Windows XP and Vista (sorry, no Mac). More information and a fully functional time-limited demo version can be found at our dedicated Voice Thing! web site http://www.antaresvox.com.

Voice Thing! costs only $34.95 and can be purchased directly from the online store at the Voice Thing! web site.

That's it for this issue. Thanks for reading!

- The Whole Antares Crew.

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