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Enjoying Its Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

For over 10 years now, Auto-Tune has been the professional tool of choice for pitch correction and, ever since Cher's mega-hit Believe, the the source of one of the most distinctive vocal effects of our time. But while it's long been renowned in the world of music production (and is, in fact, the world's single best-selling audio plug-in), like most technical audio production tools, it's been largely unknown to the general public.

Well, no more.

What started a few months ago with Sasha Frere-Jones's article on Auto-Tune for The New Yorker has become something of a flood of media attention. Initially sparked by the enthusiastic adoption of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect as a key stylistic element by many artists in the pop, R&B and hip-hop communities), it has recently attained critical mass as the result of the near simultaneous release of several new CDs, including Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak.

These CDs feature extensive use of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect and virtually every review and artist interview includes discussion of Auto-Tune's contribution. As a result, there has been a lot of attention from the general-interest media in what this Auto-Tune thing is all about. Over the last couple of months we've received a lot of requests for interviews with Dr. Andy. Some of them are now beginning to appear, so we thought we'd share a few with you.

The Financial Times
Changing the Parameters of Pop by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

NPR Weekend Edition
Taking Pitch Correction To The Limit by Liane Hansen

And there are more in the pipeline, the best of which we'll feature in an upcoming newsletter.

This is kind of fun.

AVOX 2 Video Tour

From Harmony Engine to THROAT, MUTATOR, ARTICULATOR and more, the wealth of sonic possibilities offered by AVOX 2, the Antares Vocal Toolkit can be almost overwhelming. To help give you a idea of what AVOX 2 is capable of, we've produced a video tour that provides an overview of each of the 10 unique vocal processing tools that comprise AVOX 2, complete with audio examples of each of them in action. Check it out!


Don't forget that upgrades to AVOX 2 are still available to owners of the original AVOX bundle, AVOX AT Native or TDM, or Harmony Engine.

And, of course, upgrades to all of Auto-Tune Evo's evolutionary goodness are available to registered owners of any previous version of Auto-Tune.

To upgrade to Auto-Tune Evo and/or AVOX 2, head on over to the Antares Software Upgrade page and follow the directions there.

Thanks. (and Happy Holidays!)

- The Whole Antares Crew

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