+  Auto-Tune Inducted into the TEC Foundation TECnology Hall of Fame
 +  SOS Names Auto-Tune as One of the 25 Products That Changed Recording
 +  Auto-Tune Featured on ABC Nightline
 +  Grammy Nomination!




Antares in the News
It Looks Like Our 15 Minutes Have Been Extended

If you've been following our newsletters for the last few years (you have, haven't you?), you know that there's been an entertaining variety of media and pop culture attention focused on Antares and Auto-Tune® (representative examples here, here, here and here). And as we approach the end of 2010, the attention continues apace. Herewith a roundup of the latest developments.

Auto-Tune Inducted into the TEC Foundation TECnology Hall of Fame

TEC Foundation We are proud to report that Auto-Tune has been selected by the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio as a 2010 inductee to the TECnology Hall of Fame.

According to the TEC Foundation:

"The TECnology Hall of Fame was created in 2004 to spotlight important innovations from the long and rich history of the pro audio industry. Each year, inductees are selected by a committee of more than 50 industry leaders, engineers, producers, designers, educators, journalists and historians, with the only "rule" being that any selection must be at least 10 years old."

Auto-Tune is the "youngest" of the 2010 inductees. You can read more about all of this year's inductees here.

SOS Names Auto-Tune as One of the 25 Products That Changed Recording

Sound On Sound For it's 25th anniversary issue, Sound On Sound magazine selected "25 Milestone Products That Changed Recording." And naturally, Auto-Tune was selected as one of those milestones. According to SOS's Sam Inglis:

"The consequences for the music industry have been dramatic. Whether abused as an effect, as on Cher's notorious 'Believe', or used for its intended purpose, as on almost every country record made in the last five years, Auto-Tune has become one of very few music production tools to enter the popular consciousness. Some see it as a vital part of the engineer's toolkit, others as heralding the death of civilisation, but no-one can deny its significance."

Auto-Tune Featured on ABC Nightline

ABC Nightline Last month, ABC Nightline aired an entertaining feature entitled "The World on Auto-Tune." Taped at New York's Avatar Studios, the segment examines Auto-Tune's ubiquity in music production and features Avatar's Chief Engineer, Roy Hendrickson and Nightline correspondent Jeremy Hubbard. You can check it out here.

Grammy Nomination!

Morgan page Congratulations to our friend, producer and remixer Morgan Page, for his Grammy nomination for Best Remix for his remix of Nadia Ali's "Fantasy," featuring heavy use of Harmony Engine® on the lead vocal.

According to Morgan:

"Harmony Engine played a major role in the remix. The song was originally more of a pop ballad, so I wanted to give it a new life and identity that was faithful to the original, but stood on its own legs. I used Chord Degrees to provide a minor triad in the background, tuned to the root note. The Harmony Engine chords remain the same throughout the song, almost acting like a chordal drone. It added to the melancholy.
"A lot of times you worry about burying the lead vocal, but with the right elements, it can lift the lead to new heights. Harmony Engine is also a useful tool if you don't like the harmonies provided in a remix or original, if you want to change keys, or simply use more of the stereo image in the mix."

You can listen to Morgan's Grammy-nominated remix here.

From all of us here at Antares, best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year.


- The Whole Antares Crew

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