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Auto-tune 7 in Detail: Time Control
Up close and personal with Auto-Tune 7's new time manipulation capabilities

Auto-Tune 7

With Auto-Tune 7 representing the most substantial advancement in functionality in Auto-Tune's history, over the next few months we'll be featuring in-depth looks at some of Auto-Tune 7's key new capabilities. Up this time is an overview of Auto-Tune 7's most dramatic new feature: integrated time editing.

Auto-Tune 7 Time Control

Auto-Tune 7's time manipulation functions provide an enormous amount of power over the timing of your audio. But, along with power and flexibility, one of our key design objectives was to make the time shifting process extremely easy to use.

We'll be talking about the various tools and controls that make up the time manipulation system in more detail in future newsletters, but for now, we'd like to highlight some of the key attributes that contribute to its power and ease of use:

  • Superb Sound Quality - Continuing Auto-Tune's tradition of pristine audio quality, Auto-Tune 7's time shifting technology provides natural, artifact-free results over a wide range of compression and expansion.

  • Freeform Editing - With Auto-Tune 7's time manipulation system, there are no predefined edit points, note divisions or other artificial constructs imposed on your editing process. Just select the range you'll be editing, pick any point or region in the range that you want to move and move it. It's as simple as that.

  • Time Tools Context Sensitive Tools - Auto-Tune 7's two time tools, the Move Point Tool and the Move Region Tool are both context sensitive. That is, they change function (from selection to moving, for example) depending on what lies beneath them on the screen. As a result, Auto-Tune 7's time manipulation process is smooth and intuitive, never breaking your creative flow with the need to switch tools or remember some command key to temporarily change function.

  • Nondestructive Editing - Since all of Auto-Tune 7's time edits are executed on a copy of your audio, you are always free to revert to your original track at any time. Not only do the time edits have their own Undo/Redo controls independent of pitch edits, but the Time Enable button lets you instantly compare all your current edits with your original audio with just a single click.

  • Visual Feedback - Auto-Tune 7 adds a large amplitude envelope to the background of the graphical display to make it even easier to precisely select the exact point or region you want to move. And with its new dual envelope display, you can always see at a glance all your time edits relative to the original timing.
    Envelope Display

  • Data Management Data Management - Whether you work on a single computer or move projects between multiple computers or studios, Auto-Tune 7's Data File Management system makes it easy to manage and keep track of your audio data.

Of course, the easiest way to understand the power and ease of Auto-Tune 7's time control is to see (and hear) it in action. So be sure to watch the What's New in Auto-Tune 7 video featured below to see it used to solve some real-world vocal editing challenges.

Next time: the Move Point Tool and the Move Region Tool in detail.

In the meantime, learn all about Auto-Tune 7, then download a fully functional time-limited trial version (iLok smart key and ilok.com account required) and try it out on your own projects. Then head on over to your local Antares dealer or our online store and get a copy of your own.

Auto-Tune 7 Videos from Groove 3 Inc.

Our friends at Groove 3 Inc. have produced two introductory videos that provide a great overview of Auto-Tune 7 as well as a look at Auto-Tune 7's new features. You can (and should) click the thumbnails below to watch them:

Auto-Tune 7 Overview What's New in Auto-Tune 7

The folks at Groove 3 Inc. are also producing a superb series of in-depth Auto-Tune 7 training videos that cover all the individual features of Automatic and Graphical Modes. (And for a limited time, you can order them at a 25% pre-sale savings off of the regular price.) We encourage you to check them out.


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