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PBS science program to feature Dr. Andy and Auto-Tune pitch correction technology

We're totally jazzed that the PBS science program NOVA ScienceNOW will be featuring a segment on Dr. Andy and Auto-Tune on their season premier episode on June 30th at 9PM ET/PT (please check your local listings for your local PBS channel and time in your area).

Host Neil deGrasse Tyson and a NOVA production crew visited us last fall to film interviews with Dr. Andy and demonstrations of Auto-Tune, including an attempt by our very own Justin Goger Malo to correct some of Neil's enthusiastic, but far from in-tune singing (tune in to the segment to see and hear the result).

A nice feature about the segment can be found on the NOVA ScienceNOW Website.

And here's a cool video teaser for the episode that'll give you a taste of what's in store. (Click the screenshot below to watch it on YouTube). Check it out, and then be sure to tune in on June 30 for the whole story.

Harmony Engine, AVOX 2, and Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Still On Sale

Just a reminder that our retail dealers are still offering some truly amazing, money-saving deals on Harmony Engine Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator, the AVOX 2 Antares Vocal Toolkit, and the Auto-Tune Vocal Studio (which combines Auto-Tune Evo Native or TDM with the full AVOX 2 bundle).

So if you've been thinking of adding either of these powerful tools to your vocal processing repertoire, you still have time to take advantage of these spectacular deals.

Join the Antares Online Community

In our last newsletter, we announced the launch of the Antares Online Community, a place where Antares product users (and hopefully soon-to-be users) can gather to exchange information, compare notes, and get to know other Antares users.

Although it's only been a few weeks since the announcement, we already have hundreds of registered members from throughout the world. So thanks so much to all of you who have signed up. And if you haven't yet, come on by. When you register as a community member (a process that takes only a few moments), you not only gain the ability to participate in the Antares Community Forum, but you can create a personal home page where you can upload a variety of media and customize to your heart's delight.

So check it out. Then join us.


- The Whole Antares Crew

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