auto-tune 7

Auto-Tune 7

World Standard Professional Pitch and Time Correction

The Latest Generation of the Worldwide Standard in Professional Pitch (and Now Time) Correction.

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Auto-Tune Live

Real-Time Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect

World standard professional pitch correction optimized for tracking and live performance.

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auto-tune live
Auto-Tune EFX 3

Auto-Tune EFX 3

Real-Time Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect

The Easiest, Most Affordable Tool for Real-Time Pitch Processing.

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Antares Vocal Toolkit

Create Stunning Vocal Tracks In Any Musical Style As Well As Design Unique Vocal Effects For Audio Post-Production

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AVOX 4 screenshot
Harmony Engine EVO screenshot

Harmony Engine Evo

Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

The Quickest, Easiest Tool For Creating Realistic Vocal Harmonies

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Mic Mod EFX

Classic Microphone Modeler

Now the Mics You Own Can Sound Like the Mics You Wish You Owned

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Mic Mod EFX screenshot
Throat Evo screenshot


Physical Modeling Vocal Designer

Process Voices Through A Meticulously Crafted Physical Model Of The Human Vocal Tract

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Extreme Voice Designer

A Unique Tool For Special Vocal Effects And Post-Production Sound Design

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Mutator Evo Screenshot


Digital Talkbox

Create Talking Guitars, Singing Synths, And A Wide Range Of Special Effects

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Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler

The Quickest, Easist Way To Create Realistic Vocal Doubling

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Duo Evo Screenshot
Choir Evo Screenshot


Vocal Multiplier

Turn a Single Voice into Up to 32 Individual Unison Voices

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Vocal Impact Enhancer

Give Your Vocals More Dynamic Impact, Allowing Them To Cut Through Dense Mixes With Clarity And Power

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Punch Evo Screenshot
Aspire Evo Screenshot


Aspiration Noise Processor

The World's First Tool For Modifying A Voice's Breathiness Independently Of Its Harmonic Content

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Variable Frequency De-Esser

Quickly and Easily Tame Vocal Sibilence

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Sybil Evo Screenshot
Warm Screenshot


Tube Saturation Generator

Warm Up Your Vocals With Antares' World-Renowned Analog Tube Modeling Technology

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Auto-Tune Vocal Studio

Auto-Tune 7 + AVOX 4

Everything You Need for World-Class Vocal Tracks

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