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Auto-Tune is one of those plugins that’s guaranteed a place in my sessions. 9 times out of 10 my vocal tracks have been processed using Auto-Tune at some point during the recording/mixing process.

Josh Gudwin

For many years I’ve been a proud Auto­-Tune owner, and have always appreciated how subtle and musically intuitive the software can be if you use it correctly. With Auto-­Tune 8 and the introduction of Flex­-Tune, I can’t believe how easily I am able to get a vocal exactly the way I want to hear it.I have no idea how they make the zeros and ones do this, but I am a very happy camper.

Greg Wells

The high quality real time tuning functions of Auto­-Tune allow me to create amazing vocal stacks at breakneck speed. It’s also a great creative tool to play with formants and make new crazy sounds. It’s on every writing, production and mixing session I’m involved in.

Fabrice "Fab" Dupont