After months of hard work and fine tuning, we are excited to announce the release of Auto-Key Mobile for Android devices! The original incarnation of Auto-Key Mobile quickly became an indispensable tool for our iOS users and the preferred tool for on-the-go key detection. Today, we’re thrilled to give Android users to the ability to experience having perfect pitch in your pockets. The best part? Auto-Key Mobile is still 100% FREE!

Designed as a companion app to our pioneering Auto-Key desktop software, Auto-Key Mobile offers a portable, easy-to-use, and accurate platform for detecting the key of any audio source. By simply tapping a button and holding a phone up to an audio source, Auto-Key Mobile automatically detects the musical pitch of the song, chord progression, or loop, and displays both the major key and relative minor.

Download your free copy of Auto-Key Mobile for Android!

Auto-Key Mobile seamlessly syncs with every current edition of Auto-Tune® (and Harmony Engine), to make analyzing and transferring pitch information to a recording session in real time a breeze! On-the-go or in the spur of the moment, Auto-Key Mobile can also be used as a stand-alone mobile application so you can immediately identify the key of a song wherever you find yourself. With the release of Auto-Key Mobile for Android, perfect pitch comes to every pocket!

an Android device with Auto-Key mobile running on it

Pro tip: If you're writing a song about getting your locks replaced, we recommend there's a key change at the end.