Auto-Tune Slice hit the streets a short time ago to strong reviews and a great release party. We’ve kept that party going by producing a ton of hard-hitting new material for Auto-Tune Slice and the Samplescape. We’re excited to announce that we’ve DOUBLED the number of custom vocal presets available for Auto-Tune Slice! How’s that for a party?

Already an Auto-Tune Unlimited subscriber? See what’s waiting for you with the new Auto-Tune Slice!  Download and install the latest version below to access presets!

Auto-Tune Slice is already the world’s most advanced vocal sampler and a new dimension of infinite musical expression. And now that we’ve boosted our library to over 500 custom vocal presets, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your next project. The best part is, we’ll keep updating Auto-Tune Slice with new exclusive vocal presets from some of the most creative sound designers, artist, and producers.

If you are an Auto-Tune Unlimited subscriber, you have immediate access to four NEW GENRES and five NEW UPDATES to existing genres! 

Check out Funky Soul from the legendary Fishbone frontman, Angelo Moore, the hard-charging Industrial Aggression collection, and the floor-shaking Reggaeton Rumble!


  • Angelo Moore’s Funky Soul 
  • Industrial Aggression 
  • Reggaeton Rumble
  • Cyberpunk Dialogue

Explore the new volumes of some of our most popular genres that bring even more creative options to every session!  


  • Men on the Mic, Volume 2
  • Epic Trance, Volume 2
  • Deepest House, Volume 2
  • Her Hottest Hooks, Volume 2
  • Robot Rock, Volume 2

Want to learn more about Auto-Tune Slice? Check out our video tutorial for how to get started using the software, Dlliot2k’s video review, or just download your own free trial and start exploring the incredible selection of Samplescape vocal presets today.

When everything becomes an instrument, anything is possible.