We love a good party. And with the release of our newest product, we knew we wanted to throw a special one. We recently invited a few hundred friends, music industry figures, and talented creators to share in the exciting unveiling of the world’s most advanced vocal sampler, Auto-Tune Slice.

Auto-Tune Slice is a hybrid of a precision sampler and flexible synthesizer and is a new dimension of infinite musical expression. Play voices like instruments, turn endless samples into songs, and explore creative frontiers that you never knew existed.

Check out some highlights from our Auto-Tune Slice Launch event in Los Angeles

We took over the intimate recording studio space at Perfect Sound Studios/Frogtown Creative for several hours of conversation, live performances, and hands-on demos fueled by an open bar and stone-oven pizza. 

The launch party featured a special Auto-Tune Slice demonstration by award-winning producer and composer Roman Molino-Dunn (aka Electropoint) and live DJ sets from global superstars Junior Sanchez and Morgan Page!

Roman gave the crowd a compelling demo as he walked us through how he used Auto-Tune Slice — and only Auto-Tune Slice — to create a rich, multi-layered dance track that would be at home at the hottest clubs in the world. And Junior and Morgan did what they do best and spun up high-energy dance tracks that kept the party moving. 

Producer/Composer Roman Molino-Dunn (aka Electropoint) slices up the Samplescape

We also introduced the Samplescape, a core component of the Auto-Tune Slice experience. The Samplescape is an ever-growing library of exclusive vocal presets and samples from influential artists that are ready for use in your projects. Expansion packs are added regularly and are free with your subscription to <Auto-Tune Unlimited>.  

Auto-Tune Slice is currently only available with a subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited. But if you were at the party, you know a secret… Shhhhh!

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Enter the Samplescape of Auto-Tune Slice