Watch this great Auto-Tune tutorial video in which the one and only Reid Stefan sheds some light on some not so obvious features and benefits ‘hidden’ in the Auto-Tune range of products including:

  1. Advanced View
  2. UAD Version Exclusive Features
  3. Auto-Tune Pro Graph Mode
  4. Creating Harmony Layers
  5. Tune a Disrespectful 808
  6. Tune A Guitar with Auto-Tune
  7. Formant Shifting Throat Knob
  8. Transpose Pitch Control
  9. Custom Vibrato
  10. Extra Tune before Reverb and Delay

Keep fighting the good fight Reid, we’re looking forward to the next video!

Reid Stefan

Reid Stefan

The Realest Puppet In The Game

Reid Stefan is "the realest puppet in the game" with Ableton tutorials, Pro Tools tutorials, mastering tips, and music / vocal production tips and tricks.