We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Auto-Tune Unlimited: our first-ever subscription offering that gives producers, engineers, and artists everything you need to produce vocals without limits.

Introducing Auto-Tune Unlimited: The Ultimate Collection of Professional Vocal Effects

What You Get With Auto-Tune Unlimited

Auto-Tune Unlimited is the most comprehensive set of professional vocal effects we’ve ever offered. Included in the subscription price is every current edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Key, and all 11 vocal effects from our AVOX bundle. Subscribers also get free access to select new effects as they’re released, and free upgrades for all included software for as long as you subscribe.

The Premium Subscription Service

So why make our most premium collection of vocal effects available exclusively through subscription? Because it lets us give music creators the maximum amount of value at a price anyone can afford. For only $24.99 a month, you’ll get over $1200 worth of software, free upgrades, and ongoing access to select new plug-ins for as long as you subscribe. Simply put, Auto-Tune Unlimited delivers the lowest cost-of-entry to access everything you need to produce truly professional-quality vocals.

Auto-Tune Unlimited is the most comprehensive collection of vocal effects you can buy.

But I Already Have Auto-Tune!

Even if you already own one edition of Auto-Tune, there are lots of advantages to owning them all. Why? Because each edition is custom built and optimized for specific workflows. Need a version that’s optimized live performances? Auto-Tune Artist is included. Looking for creative tools for discovering fresh sounds? Auto-Tune EFX+ is now in your arsenal. Auto-Tune Access lets you, ahem, access the simplest and most intuitive version of Auto-Tune. And if you’re looking for the iconic and original Auto-Tune Pro, of course that’s included as well.

When you have every edition of Auto-Tune, you’ll always have the right tool for the job

Beyond Pitch Correction

Because vocal production requires more than just tuning, Auto-Tune Unlimited also includes the entire AVOX collection: 11, world-class vocal processing plug-ins. From harmony creation and microphone modeling, to adding subtle warmth or extreme vocal effects, AVOX is a complete toolkit for vocal production.

Here are the all effects from the AVOX collection that come included when you subscribe to Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Harmony Engine: Produce incredible harmony arrangements from a single vocal track

Mutator: Sound design tools for creating unique and otherworldly voices

Aspire: Add or remove breathiness from a vocal performance

Duo: Realistic doubling effects with adjustable pitch and timing variation

Punch: Cut through dense mixes with clarity and power

Warm: The sound of vintage analog tube saturation and distortion

Mic Mod: 100+ professional-quality emulations of classic and vintage microphones

Articulator: Get funky with the classic 1970’s talkbox effect

Throat: Sculpt a vocal with a physical model of the human vocal tract

Choir: Turn a single voice into a lush choir of up to 32 unison voices

Sybil: Remove unwanted sibilance and hiss from a vocal voice

Free Upgrades + New Effects

We’ve all been there before—you buy something and then a newer, cooler version of it comes out a few months later. Like it or not, that’s just the way of the world…Right?

Not necessarily. For as long as you subscribe to Auto-Tune Unlimited, you also get free upgrades for all of the software included. Not only that, we’re always developing brand new effects that will be added to Auto-Tune Unlimited as they’re released—at no additional cost.

Auto-Tune Unlimited is already a great value, but when you factor in the end of paid upgrades and free new plug-ins, it might be the best value for any recording software you can buy.

Vocals Without Limits

Now that you know what Auto-Tune Unlimited can do for you, why not give it a try? We’re offering a 14-day trial demo of the entire package for free, so there’s no risk to taking it for a spin. Or, you can start your subscription today and get the fully-featured versions of all 16 plug-ins right away.

Either way, with Auto-Tune Unlimited you’ll have all of the professional tools you need to produce flawless vocals, without limits.