We’re not the only ones excited about the new release of Auto-Tune Vocodist. After only several weeks we’re already seeing Auto-Tune Vocodist in the news, and all over some of our favorite YouTube channels. Let’s check it out.  

Leading music industry resources like Mix Magazine, MusicRadarand Pro-Tools-Expert have included Auto-Tune Vocodist in their recent editorials. Plus the Sound On Sound November issue features an excellent Vocodist deep-dive from Paul White.

Check out our YouTube Playlist of seven videos including an information-packed five-minute clip from singer/songwriter/producer and popular music and production figure, Sanjay C.

And watch prolific electronic musician and songwriter Benn Jordan demonstrate how to use Auto-Tune Vocodist as part of the creation of a huge 12 voice Auto-Tune choir session.

And you won’t want to miss a vocoder version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ from the one and only, Doctor Mix!

Auto-Tune Vocodist also shows up in Austin Hull’s Make Pop Music “5 Plugins You NEED To Try! (My Top 5 New Plugins)” list. Check out his great tutorial on how to use Auto-Tune Vocodist to thicken-up chorus vocals on his Instagram feed.

You’ve gotten this far on the page and don’t know what a vocoder sounds like? Actually, you probably do know; you just never knew its name. The vocoder is that ‘robot voice’ sound that you’ve heard countless tracks from artists like Daft Punk, Lil Wayne, ELO, Bon Jovi, Kraftwerk and more. “Ah! I know that sound!” Exactly.  

What Auto-Tune Vocodist has done is combine the legendary sound of vintage vocoders with the full force and flexibility of Auto-Tune. 

Auto-Tune Vocodist includes:

Vocoder Emulations and Artist Presets

  • Pitch Control Options
  • Output + FX Section
  • Pitch Correction and the Auto-Tune Effect
  • Auto-Key Compatibility

Both a look into the past and a leap into the future, Auto-Tune Vocodist is a robust, full-featured toolkit packed with endless opportunities to create new, one-of-a-kind vocals. Maybe the next time we hear about Auto-Tune Vocodist in the news, it will be because you’ve discovered how to use it to produce your next hit song. 

What is YOUR favorite vocoder track? Let us know @AntaresAudio on Twitter!

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