No two voices are exactly alike. Even the world’s best-trained singers, performing within the same range, won’t sound exactly the same. In fact, if you were to record a vocal chorus of you singing the same part over and over, even you wouldn’t match yourself exactly. (To learn more about this phenomenon, check out our article about doubling vocals with Duo.) To produce a natural-pounding choir effect, you need a chorus plug-in that doesn’t just copy and paste the same vocal dozens of times. You need Choir.

What Is Choir?

The Auto-Tune Choir vocal effect produces a lifelike chorus effect on vocals by transforming a single monophonic voice into a lush choir of four, eight, 16, or 32 distinct unison voices. Simple controls let users set the number of voices generated from the original voice and adjust variations in pitch, vibrato and timing, and spread the voices across the stereo field.

Choir is the perfect tool for quickly and easily turning a single voice into a group of voices, each with its own unique character. When multiple instances of Choir are assigned to individual harmony parts, the result is an amazingly realistic large vocal ensemble. 

Choir produces an incredibly realistic chorus effect from a single human voice. Now available with Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Choir vs. Copy-And-Paste Vocals

You could create 32 extra tracks and copy and paste the same vocal on each one, but in reality, this “choir effect” doesn’t sound anything like a real choir. The magic of Auto-Tune Choir is in creating the human imperfections that make things sound more natural. The Vibrato control introduces variation in vibrato among the voices, while the Pitch and Timing controls introduce minor (or major) variations in virtual voices’ start time and how closely they follow the input pitch. Finally, a Stereo Spread control lets you automatically spread the voices across the stereo field.

Creating a Virtual Vocal Chorus with Choir

Like Auto-Tune Duo, Choir provides an extra voice that includes the “imperfections” in timing, pitch, and natural vibrato that would normally occur when recording doubled vocals. Choir ups the ante, however, generating up to 32 virtual voices from one input source. Take listen to the dry/wet comparison on a single voice in this example:

Things got crowded pretty quickly when we turned on Choir!

Image of a Choir plug-in GUI

Settings for the Choir: Vocal Dry/Wet sample

Choir for Instruments

While we may like to use Choir as a chorus effect on vocals, it works equally well for subtle enhancements on percussion and other instrument parts. In this example, I’ve taken a synth line and added Choir to give it a dizzying chorus effect:

Choir for Clap Hands

Back in the days before digital recording, it was common to have a whole crew of people head into a recording booth to add hand claps to a drum track. Single handclaps just don’t sit the same. With Choir, you can easily enhance a single recorded hand clap so that it sounds like a group of claps, and widen the stereo field while you’re at it. Check out what we did here:

Image of a Choir plug-in GUI showing a hand clap sample

Settings for Choir: Claps Dry/Wet. Note that the voices are on the lower side at only four, while the stereo field isn’t super wide.

Choir in Auto-Tune

Creating a convincing chorus effect on vocals is easy to do with Choir. And, as you can see, Choir also gives you tons of creative options for working with instruments, too. If you’re ready to explore the vocal chorus effect possibilities with Choir, download a FREE trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited. Available through subscription, Auto-Tune Unlimited comes complete with Choir, every current edition of Auto-Tune, a full range of vocal effects plug-ins, and more.

Choir is available with Auto-Tune Unlimited: the most comprehensive collection of pro vocal effects ever offered.