You know that unmistakable vocoder sound when you hear it. Now learn how to take that sound to incredible places with Auto-Tune Vocodist.

The newest addition to the Auto-Tune universes, Auto-Tune Vocodist delivers the legendary sound of vintage vocoders combined with the full force and flexibility of Auto-Tune.

In this Auto-Tune Vocodist tutorial, producer, engineer, and vocal coach J. Chris Griffin (Madonna, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West) walks you through what makes Auto-Tune Vocodist such an exciting tool.

Learn how to use Auto-Tune Vocodist

Vintage Vocoder Models, Auto-Tune, Artist Presets and Effects!

Chris jumps right in and covers the convenient quick-start presets and vocoder modes (including the original 1939 Voder speech synthesizer) so you can begin creating, fast. The convenient presets send the beginner vocodist off in the right direction and the vocoder mode, spanning 6 to 20 frequency modes, features a rich selection of fine-tuning parameters for note-tweaking bliss.  

Once you get warmed up, Chris moves into more advanced Vocodist skills including how to set input key, Retune Speed, and work with the output scale just like you already do in Auto-Tune itself.

Next, Chris shows off the generous synthesizer section that is as full-featured as some dedicated synth plug-ins. Simply pop Auto-Tune Vocodist on a vocal or instrumental track and immediately hear inspiring results. And be sure to check out Chris as he demos the XY pad control which lets you “play” Vocodist’s parameters in real time! 

Chris wraps things up by showing you how to get studio-quality effects on a finished sound without the need for other plug-ins. He demonstrates how Auto-Tune Vocodist can deftly handle both the heavy processing and the light-touch fine-tuning crucial in a professional vocal effect.

Auto-Tune Vocodist is the most powerful and effective vocoder tool you’ll ever need. And J Chris Griffin will make sure you make the most of it.

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