We’re thrilled to announce our latest release, Auto-Key Mobile! Designed as a companion app to Auto-Key desktop software, Auto-Key Mobile offers a portable, easy-to-use, and accurate platform for detecting the key of any piece of music. By simply tapping a button and holding the phone up to any audio source, the mobile app will automatically detect the musical pitch of a song, chord progression, or loop, and display both the major key and relative minor.

Auto-Key Mobile works in the studio or on the go.

Auto-Key Mobile is designed to seamlessly sync with every current edition of Auto-Tune and Harmony Engine software, making it easy to quickly analyze and transfer pitch information to your recording session in real time. It can also be used as a stand-alone mobile application, enabling any user to immediately identify the key of a song for collaboration, recording, or performance. Whether you’re in the rehearsal room or the recording studio, this mobile app is the ultimate companion for anyone making music. 

Looking for the key of a song in the rehearsal studio? Auto-Key has you covered.

Auto-Key Mobile can quickly identify the key of any song, which is an incredible power to give to anybody who makes music. From casual musicians to the most highly technical recording engineers and producers, it’s an invaluable time-saving tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Auto-Key Mobile is compatible with iOS and Mac devices and is now available for free download from the iTunes store. Auto-Key Mobile for Android and Windows devices will be released soon. If you’re ready to experience the freedom of having perfect pitch at home, in the studio, or anywhere you want to be, download it today for free at the app store.

It's like having perfect pitch. In your pocket.