Over the past year we’ve pulled together our technological know-how, software prowess, and music knowledge to create the world’s most advanced vocal sampler. We call it Auto-Tune Slice and it’s going to blow your mind.

Available exclusively for Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers, Auto-Tune Slice elevates the concept of the sampler and offers an entirely new way to make music. Part sampler, part synthesizer, and all incredible, think of it as a new dimension—a boundless place of an infinite musical expression where you can play voices like instruments and turn endless samples into songs.

Auto-Tune Slice is optimized for vocals but equally powerful for beats and instruments. You can turn any sample into a playable instrument that maps to your favorite controller so you play the sound you want the way you want to play it. And with Auto-Tune working under the hood, you can tune your samples without ever leaving the Auto-Slice environment.

Auto-Tune Slice Highlights

  • A powerful, vocal-optimized sampling instrument
  • Works with almost any audio sample
  • Play any slice chromatically across a keyboard as an instrument
  • Built-in Auto-Tune and the classic “Auto-Tune effect”
  • Exclusive vocal presets representing multiple genres
  • Regular content updates and expansion packs at no extra cost
  • Robust onboard effects rack with 14 recordable effects
  • More creative possibilities than you can imagine

Designed for ease-of-use, Auto-Tune Slice was built to move music automagically. Advanced transient detection and precision editing tools allow you to create razor-sharp slices then rearrange slices to create endless patterns and phrases.

Finally, there is the exciting new resource library called the Samplescape. Here you can access an expansive library of exclusive vocal presets and samples to fit your groove. Massive hooks, dope drops, and luxurious loops from influential artists and A-List producers are ready to help you launch exciting new projects or fine-tune existing ones.

Have a peek at what you can find in the Samplescape:

  • Bon Iver {Exclusive Artist Pack}
  • All I do is Trap {Hip Hop}
  • Robot Rock {Classic Electro}
  • Deepest House {House Music}
  • Junior Sanchez {Exclusive Artist Pack}
  • Morgan Page {Exclusive Artist Pack}
  • Beatbox Battle {Hip Hop}
  • Hottest Hooks {Female Pop Vocals}

Expansive, inspiring, and evolving, <Auto-Tune Slice> takes the idea of the sampler to its farthest reaches—and then keeps going. 

How far can you go?