Ever wanted to be someone different? Like, from another planet level different? Mutator from the AVOX collection is your go-to plug-in for extreme vocal effects. A longtime favorite tool for sound design professionals, Mutator lets you create horrific monster growls, futuristic robot voices, otherworldly alien vocal effects, or just about any other extreme character voice you can dream up. Check out music production guru Wavy Wayne’s Mutator plug-in tutorial and learn how you can turn a human voice into something that’s out of this world.

Mutator Plug-in Tutorial

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Keeping it Unreal

As you can see in the video, Not only can Mutator shift the pitch of an incoming vocal, but it can also change the length and width of a virtual human throat, giving you surgical control over tone and vowel characteristics. 

Go even deeper with the Mutate section and take control of pitch tracking and ring modulation to transform the human voice into something else entirely. We’ll let you decide what that something else is, but these 24 options are not for the faint of heart. (This vocal sound design plug-in can produce effects that can be downright scary.) 

Finally, the Alienize function time-reverses snippets of the vocal and blends them with the original for even more madness. Whether you’re a sound designer creating character voices for movies and TV, or just looking to have some fun, Mutator is the best alien vocal effect you have in your studio. 

Mutator is the choice of professional sound designers for producing alien, monster, and robot vocal effects

Mutator Unlimited 

Mutator is one of many plug-ins available in Auto-Tune Unlimited, the ultimate suite of vocal effects that includes every version of Auto-Tune plus the AVOX family of creative vocal tools. Subscribe now, or see for yourself by downloading a fully functional FREE 14-day trial today.


About the Instructor: Wavy Wayne is a trained, professional audio engineer with over 15 years of experience. As a graduate of Full Sail University, he has worked with some of the worlds best recording artist at studios all over the country. Wavy Wayne has credits with artist like Jim Jones, Future, Ashanti, Yo Gotti, Dave East, and many more, and he has gained numerous Pro Tools Certifications during his career. Combining his love and knowledge of audio engineering and his passion for educating he has brought his lessons to classrooms in studios, college, and has expanded to the global university of YouTube.