In this special episode of Pensados Place our very own Jess Jackson (accompanied by industry legend Mike Dean) sits down with Dave and Herb discussing a wide range of topics including his humble beginnings in the UK, starting a new life in the United States and how an attitude of dogged perseverance and never giving up ultimately led to success in the music industry and helping produce some of the biggest names in the business.

Jess also discusses the origins of Classic Mode and Auto-Key in the latest Auto-Tune releases and why its important that a music technology company should always keep musicians close the core of the development and decision making process.

Jess’s interview coincides with a special Pensados Place Auto-Tune giveaway competition we’re running throughout the month of October. Enter below for a chance to win either one of 3 copies of Auto-Tune EFX (MSRP $199) or our grand prize of Auto-Tune Vocal Studio (MSRP $699).

Antares Audio Technologies

Antares Audio Technologies

Makers of Auto-Tune

Antares is a leading developer of software for music recording and live performance. For over 20 years, Antares has powered the music of top-charting and indie artists with products including the industry standard for pitch correction, Auto-Tune™.