Thanks to YouTube, there are more ways to learn music production online than ever before. Every day, content creators are uploading new videos designed to educate anybody interested in recording. From masterclasses aimed at the pros to tutorials for setting up your first studio, there’s something for everyone.

Having access to all these free recording tutorials is great, but with so many options, finding the best ones can be time consuming. To help you make the most out of your time in the studio, we’ve picked 5 great YouTube channels to help you learn recording online.

1: Pensado’s Place

Hosted by legendary mixing engineer Dave Pensado and his partner Herb Trawick, Pensado’s Place features a mix of interviews with top music industry figures, as well as in-depth mixing and production tutorials. Considering that Dave has mixed dozens of hits for artists like Shakira and Beyonce, it’s worth listening to his advice.

Pensado’s Place: Getting More with Auto-Tune

2. Wavy Wayne

Wavy Wayne offers a massive library of tutorials covering the basics of producing, mixing and engineering with a hip hop flavor. His videos are easy enough for beginners to follow, but also deliver great lessons on more advanced topics, like getting a vocal to sit right in a mix. As a host, Wayne has a laid back, welcoming vibe that makes his show a fun way to learn music production online.

Wavy Wayne: The Auto-Tune Effect

3. Kenny Beats

To master the art of music production, you need to learn more than just technical elements of recording. You need to learn how to vibe with artists. As a successful producer and songwriter, Kenny Beats knows how to vibe, which you can see when his famous friends drop by his studio. While his channel features fewer in-depth tutorials than some of the others on this list, it does offer a valuable look at how rappers and producers collaborate in the real world.

Kenny Beats and Thundercat Freestyle

4. Roomie

:From the days of Abba to the era of Max Martin, the Swedes have always had a disproportionate gift for being masters of music production. Roomie, who hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, is no exception. His tutorials strike a great mix of being fun, accessible, and genuinely informative. Beyond just covering technical topics, Roomie also shares incredible insights into how pop songs are constructed—and they connect with culture.

Roomie: Auto-Tune Just Got More Powerful

5. Reid Stefan

One of the great things about the internet is how weird it is. Case in point: Reid Stefan’s excellent channel that offers in-depth production tutorials…hosted by a puppet. You read that correctly—this channel is hosted by a puppet. While it seems a little strange at first, after a few minutes Reid’s incredible teaching ability and vast knowledge make you actually forget that you’re learning from a puppet.

Reid Stefan: The Best Auto-Tune for Vocals

To see all these channels and more check out our playlist on YouTube. And please remember to subscribe and support the YouTubers who create this content to help you learn music production online. While these resources are all free to you, it takes lots of time, effort—and occasionally even puppets—to create this valuable content.

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