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Vocal Effects

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Sound On Sound

Auto-Tune Pro Review

Sean Divine

Review and Demo: Auto-Tune Pro with Auto-Key

Electronic Musician

The most famous plugin ever is back with both new and old sounds!

Reid Stefan

Auto-Tune Comparison: Similarities and differences in each version of the Auto-Tune plugin


Auto-Tune Pro Review: A streamlined version of Antares’ flagship plugin

Ask Audio

Antares Auto-Tune Pro 9 Review


Auto-Tune Pro, Auto-Tune Access and Auto-Key Review

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Auto-Tune Pro Playlist

Collection of 3rd Party Videos

Plugin Boutique

Antares Auto-Tune Pro Tutorial: Correcting Vocal Pitch

Pro Tools Expert

Using Auto-Tune Pro in Logic Pro X

Mix and Master My Song

Auto-Tune Pro Tutorial

Reid Stefan

Auto-Tune Pro on Trap Vocals

Reid Stefan

How to Hide Your Auto-Tune

Harmony Engine Playlist

3rd Party Videos


Vocal Tuning with AUTO-TUNE PRO

Artists & Recordings

Antares Artist Spotlight

Patrizio Piglapoco


5 Examples of Artists Tastefully Using Auto-Tune


Top 10 Artists Who Heavily Use Auto-Tune

Entertainment Weekly

Cher’s Believe turns 20: How the song popularized Auto-Tune

The New Yorker

Bon Iver’s New Voice

Rolling Stone

Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ Album 10th Anniversary

Sound On Sound

Inside Track: Future ‘Draco’

The Fader

Mike Dean on his approach to producing for Travis Scott and Kanye West

The Fader

The sneaky power of Travis Scott’s voice

Antares Artist Videos

The Mischke Interview – Musical Influences, Vocal Production Techniques and Advice


The New Yorker

The Gerbil’s Revenge


How Auto-Tune Revolutionized the Sound of Popular Music

Genius News

The History Of Auto-Tune


NAMM Show 2019

Auto-Tune Access by Antares

NAMM Show 2019

Antares Tech

NAMM Show 2019

Dale Pro Audio – Antares Auto-Tune Access at Winter

NAMM Show 2019

Gear News: Antares brings Auto-Tune to the masses with Access and Auto-Key

NAMM Show 2019

The Verge: New Auto-Tune plug-in drops the price of pro pitch correction to $99

NAMM Show 2018

Electronic Musician: Antares Audio Technologies Introduces Auto-Tune Pro at NAMM 2018

Just For Fun

Know Your Meme

Autotune featuring Weird Al Yankovic


Antares Auto-Tune Arm Implant

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