These days extreme vocal synth effects have become a crucial element to help a music production stand-out against the pack. Backing vocals and ad libs pitched up an octave, down an octave, or with extreme formant shifts can be heard everywhere from underground indie pop to the Billboard Top 10. This approach to vocal sound design has cut across multiple music genres too. Whether you are about pop, hip hop, or EDM it’s good to have these vocal production techniques in your bag of producer tools.

This Mutator tutorial video from Jamie Blake, an artist/producer/educator who goes by Mariettakes, shows how to use the Antares Mutator to get some new, vocal synth types of sounds.


The vocal plug-ins found in Auto-Tune Unlimited are go-to tools of choice for these sounds. For example, Antares Mutator can work as a vocal bender to re-pitch vocals and change tone using throat modeling. This offers more control than a simple formant knob. You also get ring modulation effects and an “Alienize” function to automatically play the track forwards and backwards based on host/DAW BPM and note value (1/4,1/8,1/16, etc.).

Mutator is only one of the many creative vocal sound design tools available within Auto-Tune Unlimited, the ultimate collection of professional vocal effects. Subscribe now, or download your fully-featured, FREE 14-day trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited today.