Big news for Pro Tools users! Members of the Pro Tools Inner Circle recently got a powerful reward—a FREE license to Antares’ automatic vocal doubler plug-in, Duo.

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Duo is a professional vocal plug-in that makes it easy to enhance a vocal track’s depth and presence by automatically generating doubled vocal parts. 

With programmable variation in pitch, timing, vibrato depth, and vocal timbre, Duo lets you create a doubled vocal part that sounds like the original vocalist—or like someone else entirely.

Duo makes it very easy to get the settings you want, or to evolve them dynamically over time. There are selections for input source (vocal range or instrument), plus levels of pitch variation, timing variation, vocal timbre (similar to the throat controls on other Antares plug-ins), and vibrato. All together, the Variation controls allow for a natural sound that better approximates a real doubled performance.  

While Duo’s intuitive interface makes creating perfect doubled vocals easy, it also offers plenty of options for getting creative. Try adding Duo to a reverb send to get a more surrounding experience. Or, try automating some of the parameters for sounds going in and out of phase. No matter what you come up with, Duo is a powerful tool that lets you dial in the exact effect you want or discover the next new sound in music.

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Learn more about Duo, the quickest, easiest way to create realistic vocal doubling!