When we launched Auto-Tune EFX+ back in May, we received a ton of feedback from the music-making community letting us know Antares had another hit on our hands. Producers, engineers, and artists alike have touted the core Auto-Tune functionality, integrated multi-effects rack, and melodic pattern generator as must-have tools for creating standout vocals in all genres of contemporary music and sound design.

Auto-Tune EFX+ is a unique vocal production plug-in – it’s designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to use, so musicians and producers of any skill level can achieve great results, from subtle pitch enhancements to extreme vocal mutations and transformations. It’s no wonder this is already one of the best-selling Auto-Tune editions ever.

There’s a lot under the hood of this affordable plugin, including over 100 expertly designed effects patches (some of which were created by industry-leading producers such as Mike Dean, Richard Devine, and Jeff Rona. So the team here at Antares has curated a few of the best available tutorial videos online to help jump-start your productivity with Auto-Tune EFX+:

Ask Audio Academy Auto-Tune EFX+ Video Manual – In this 10-video series, Joshua Carney takes you step-by-step through every feature and setting in Auto-Tune EFX+. It’s the best online course we’ve seen for EFX+ to date.

Roomie Official Auto-Tune EFX+ Video Walkthrough – In this 15-min video, YouTube vlogger and music aficionado Roomie gives a great walkthrough of the core functionality and creative uses for Auto-Tune EFX+

In case you’re not familiar with Auto-Tune EFX+, we’ve also included the feature summary below. For more info, check out the product page here

The Auto-EFX Multi-Effects Rack

The Auto-EFX multi-effects rack includes six different effects modules:

  • Pitch and Throat: for real-time pitch and formant shifting
  • Duet: for realistic doubling, with adjustable pitch and timing variation
  • Filter: a high-pass filter for EQ and special effects
  • Vocode: for vintage analog vocoder emulations
  • Tube Amp: for analog tube distortion modeling
  • Mutate: for ring-modulated audio mutation

An XY Pad allows quick and easy real-time control of multiple parameters in each effects module.

Core Auto-Tune Features

It goes without saying that the industry-standard Auto-Tune pitch correction is also included. The Retune and Humanize controls vary the pitch correction from transparent all the way up to the well-known Auto-Tune Effect used on so many iconic hits. The low latency performance of Auto-Tune EFX+ allows direct tracking through the plug-in, and even performing live.


The Auto-Motion melodic pattern generator lets the user create new melodic patterns and hooks by automatically pitch-shifting the original vocal or instrumental tracks using the provided patterns. Auto-Motion features an extensive library of triggerable melodic patterns that intelligently adapt to the key and tempo of the song.

Auto-Key Compatible

Auto-Tune EFX+ is compatible with Antares Auto-Key, which automatically detects the key and scale of the song and transfers this information to any and all instances of the Auto-Tune EFX+ plug-in with a single click.

Happy music making!

David "Prz" Przygoda

David "Prz" Przygoda

CMO of Antares Audio Technologies

David "Prz" Przygoda an all-around music nut. Previously, he served in marketing and strategic partnership roles at SiriusXM, Pandora, and THX. He received his BS in Business from Penn State University, an MBA and MS in e-Business Technology from the University of Maryland, University College, and a certificate in Gamification from the University of Pennsylvania. Prz is also an amateur singer-songwriter and vocalist performing under the moniker Stone Kawala.