You know the sound — the one that even non-musicians and casual fans call “the Auto-Tune effect.” That’s the character of hard-tuned vocals that jump from one pitch to another, becoming a little (or a lot) robotic. It’s a staple of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, and though Auto-Tune doesn’t have to sound like that, it delivers this flavor like nothing else. Renowned audio engineer and educator Wavy Wayne shows you exactly how it’s done in Auto-Tune Pro (though any version of Auto-Tune can do it) in this video tutorial.

Wavy Wayne shows how to get a hard tuned Auto-Tune sound.

How to Get a Hard Tuned Auto-Tune Sound

First things first: Wayne says it’s key to use Auto-Tune in while recording the vocal track. Thanks to its low-latency mode, this works like a charm. He then slips in a touch of Mic Mod. (Be sure to check out Josh Carney’s full Mic Mod tutorial HERE.) Via the magic of Mic Mod, Wayne transforms his studio mic into a coveted Neumann U47, which enhances the hard-tuned effect as well as sweetening the vocal. 

Back in Auto-Tune Pro, Wayne shows how easy it is to dial up the Auto-Tune effect: You Simply turn the Retune Speed all the way up. You can then back it off to taste, or offset it a bit with the Humanize knob.

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About Wavy Wayne: A graduate of Full Sail University, Wayne has produced and mixed tracks for such artists as Future, Ashanti, and Yo Gotti. He has taught audio engineering and music production across the country, hosts the Married to Music podcast, and offers recording session templates for all popular DAWs via his website.