Most people know that Auto-Tune is the gold standard for tuning vocals. But Antares also makes an entire suite of vocal production tools (all of which are included with Auto-Tune Unlimited) that literally have no peers. Aspire is one of these plug-ins. Aspire is the first (and to date) the only tool specifically designed for modifying a voice’s breathiness—independently of its harmonic content. In this Aspire plug-in tutorial, we’ll show you how to dial up breathiness to give your vocals a sultry sound, or dial it down to remove any huffing and puffing.

Aspire Plug-in Tutorial

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Breathtaking Vocal Production

As you can see in the Aspire plug-in tutorial, the software lets you match a vocal quality to a performance style by decreasing or increasing a voice’s natural breathiness. Aspire analyzes a vocal in real time and separates the aspiration noise (breathiness) from the harmonic content. It then allows you to adjust the amount of aspiration noise, and affect its character independently by applying a parametric EQ to the noise component. It also includes a real-time display that lets you visualize the effect of the aspiration noise processing. Whether reducing vocal rasp or adding a bit of smokiness, Aspire allows modification of the amount and quality of a voice’s breathiness—without affecting the vocal’s harmonic characteristics.

Aspire is the world’s first and only plug-in for controlling the breathiness of vocal

Aspire Unlimited 

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