Singing with confidence is the key to delivering a great vocal performance. And nothing builds confidence in a vocalist more than knowing that hitting a few pitchy notes here and there isn’t going to ruin a performance. That’s why when many of the world’s biggest recording artists go on tour, they don’t go onstage without Auto-Tune Artist. Auto-Tune Artist delivers all of the advanced real-time pitch correction features of Auto-Tune Pro, but is designed specifically for performing and tracking live. In this introduction to Auto-Tune Artist tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of how you can get the most out of the software from the studio to the stage.

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The first thing you might be interested to learn in this Auto-Tune Artist tutorial is how similar the software really is to Auto-Tune Pro. The main difference between these two editions is that Auto-Tune Artist lacks the famous Graph Mode included with Auto-Tune Pro. By not including Graph Mode (which isn’t applicable for live use), Auto-Tune Artist offers all the power of Auto-Tune Pro, but in a simplified format that makes it ideal for using in a live environment. (Note: Both Auto-Tune Artist and Auto-Tune Pro are included with every subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited.)


While Auto-Tune Artist is designed for maximum ease of use, it’s also packed with powerful features.That’s why it includes both Basic and Advanced Views, letting you find the right tools when you need them. Also included is Flex-Tune for more natural and transparent pitch correction, Classic Mode for the “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” and Transpose for real-time pitch shifting. Auto-Tune Artist also features Humanize to preserve subtle pitch variations on sustained notes, automatic Formant Correction, adjustable Throat Modeling, real-time MIDI Control, and advanced Vibrato Controls.

Auto-Tune Artist delivers the power of Auto-Tune Pro, only optimized for live performances

With five different editions of Auto-Tune available, you might be wondering which is the right one for you. But with Auto-Tune Unlimited, you don’t have to choose. Auto-Tune Unlimited comes complete with Auto-Tune Artist, as well as every other current version of Auto-Tune. Plus, you’ll get the entire toolkit of professional-grade plug-ins (including everything from mic modelers to harmonizers and more), free software upgrades, and brand-new effects as they’re released. For only $24.99 a month, your options for Auto-Tune truly are unlimited.