What if you could correct a singer’s pitch, apply the hottest-trending vocal effects in pop, hip-hop, R&B, and dance music, and spontaneously generate multi-note musical phrases from a single sung note? What if you could do this all with one plug-in? That’s exactly the creative power offered by Auto-Tune EFX+, a very special member of the Auto-Tune family that’s available with Auto-Tune Unlimited. Check out this Auto-Tune EFX+ tutorial and start producing vocals you never even imagined.

Auto-Tune EFX+ is available with Auto-Tune Unlimited, the ultimate collection of professional vocal effects. Subscribe now, or download your fully-featured, FREE 14-day trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited today.

In this video tutorial, J. Chris Griffin showcases the plug-in’s many talents. First of all, the essential features of Auto-Tune are all on hand, including custom scales, variable retune speed to go between “classic Auto-Tune” and a more natural sound, and the important Humanize function. Then, the Auto-EFX suite combines up to four effects at once, each with its own XY control pad, to reproduce the effects of classic vocoders, ambiences, modulations, the sort of other-worldly transformations you might expect from Mutator, and much more.

Finally, the Auto-Motion generator can detect the key of a note and automatically create a pattern of pitch-shifted notes, duplicating vocal flourishes found in many of today’s chart-topping hits. Whether the sonic profile in your mind’s ear is totally organic, ultra-processed, or anything in between, Auto-Tune EFX+ is the quickest and best sounding one stop shop for radio-ready vocals.

Auto-Tune EFX+ is the most creative (and possibly the most fun) edition of Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune EFX+ is one of many creative sound design tools available in Auto-Tune Unlimited, the go-to choice of the pros for vocal effects and pitch correction. Subscribe now, or see for yourself by downloading a fully functional FREE 14-day trial today.