Auto-Tune Hybrid is the ultimate vocal tuning solution for Avid Pro Tools DSP hardware including Pro Tools | HDX systems, Carbon interfaces, and Venue | S6L live digital consoles. In this Auto-Tune Hybrid tutorial, producer, engineer, and vocal coach J Chris Griffin (Madonna, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West) shows you how to maximize Auto-Tune Hybrid’s powerful features to sculpt viral video-ready vocals. But first, a brief introduction to Auto-Tune Hybrid.

What Is Auto-Tune Hybrid?

Auto-Tune Hybrid is the ultimate real-time tuning solution for Pro Tools and Avid DSP hardware, including Carbon interfaces, HDX systems, and VENUE | S6L live sound systems. It provides pro-quality Auto-Tune pitch correction and vocal effects, optimized for lightning-fast, DSP-powered performance, and it’s also compatible with Pro Tools native systems.

Auto-Tune Hybrid lets you move seamlessly between DSP and native processing in Pro Tools when recording, editing, and mixing. Record with DSP power for near-zero-latency monitoring, then switch over to native processing and take your sessions on the road.

Who Is Auto-Tune Hybrid For?

Auto-Tune Hybrid is optimized to take advantage of Avid’s DSP-based hardware, giving Pro Tools users more processing power while delivering the ultimate Auto-Tune experience. Auto-Tune Hybrid also works on native systems when Pro Tools users aren’t using DSP-based hardware. This makes Auto-Tune Hybrid the perfect professional tool for artists, producers, and engineers working in scenarios ranging from mixing on a laptop to using Auto-Tune in real-time in both in the studio or for live performances.

How to Use Auto-Tune Hybrid

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Auto-Tune: Customized for Pro Tools

In this video tutorial, Chris begins with the core settings that optimize Auto-Tune for your project: Input Type, Key, and Scale (including how to set custom scales via the onscreen keyboard). Though Auto-Tune Hybrid takes advantage of Avid’s DSP to produce extremely clean real-time results, Chris also covers Classic mode, which creates the signature “Auto-Tune Effect” sought after by artists and audiences alike. 

Up next is the Detune parameter, which is invaluable if your project deviates from A440. Chris then demystifies Tracking (which might be the most misunderstood setting in Auto-Tune) and illustrates how Retune Speed can make pitch corrections as smooth or as quantized as you choose. Humanize and Flex-Tune cooperate to preserve expressive vocal moves in a performance, such as vibrato and pitch scoops.

Surgical Control for Professional Mixing

Chris also previews Advanced Mode, which offers more surgical control over scales and vibrato. He wraps up the tutorial by teaching how to set up and use Auto-Tune Hybrid’s MIDI mode, which lets you re-pitch vocals by playing notes on a MIDI keyboard.

Plugin Chain for Tracking Vocals with Pro Tools | Carbon

Learn how to produce exceptional vocals with Auto-Tune Hybrid and Pro Tools | Carbon

Auto-Tune Hybrid in Auto-Tune Unlimited

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Auto-Tune Hybrid unlocks the power of Pro Tools | HDX systems, Carbon interfaces, and Venue | S6L live digital

About J Chris Griffin: For more than two decades, producer, engineer, remixer, and vocal coach J Chris Griffin has garnered credits with recording artists including Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, The Killers, Kanye West, Missy Elliot, and many more. He has had singles regularly chart in Billboard’s top ten, and has been one of the lead sound designers for Propellerheads’ popular virtual studio software, Reason.