Auto-Tune Pro is the flagship of the Auto-Tune product line and the most powerful vocal pitch correction plug-in on the planet. It’s also arguably the most iconic vocal effect of all time. In this introduction to Auto-Tune Pro tutorial video, renowned producer, engineer, and vocal coach J. Chris Griffin unleashes the power of its Automatic Mode, yielding utterly natural-sounding corrected vocals, the robotic “classic Auto-Tune effect,” and everything in between.

Introduction to Auto-Tune Pro Tutorial: Automatic Mode

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Auto-Tune Pro: Learning the Basics

Our introduction to Auto-Tune Pro tutorial begins with the core input settings of every version of Auto-Tune: Input Type, Key, and Scale, as well as the ability to specify target notes using the onscreen keyboard. He then demonstrates Formant Mode, which empowers Auto-Tune Pro to ignore all non-pitched aspects of the human voice (plosives, sibilants, glottal stops, etc.), resulting in an extremely clean sound with no artifacts. From there, you’ll learn how Throat and Transpose parameters interact—letting you avoid (or create) a chipmunk or monster vocal character.

How to Produce the Classic Auto-Tune Effect

Up next is an overview on how you can produce the intentionally hard-tuned “Auto-Tune effect,” the iconic sound that has come to define the vibe of so many hit songs. After that, Chris covers the Detune and Retune Speed settings, the latter of which makes pitch corrections as smooth or as abrupt as you like. Humanize and Flex Tune let you preserve all the nuances of expressive singers, and Natural Vibrato helps with those who aren’t so expressive. Finally, our tutorial wraps up with a preview of Advanced Mode, which offers surgical controls for more in-depth mixing and production workflows. (Keep checking back on our blog, as we’ll be published a tutorial on those advanced features soon.)

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About J. Chris Griffin: For over two decades, producer, engineer, remixer, and vocal coach J. Chris Griffin has garnered credits with recording artists including Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, The Killers, Kanye West, Missy Elliot, and many more. He has had singles regularly chart in Billboard’s top ten, and has been one of the lead sound designers for Propellerheads’ popular virtual studio software, Reason.