You’ve been there. A lead vocal track needs a more commanding presence in the mix. Pushing up the mixer fader isn’t cutting it, the EQ is already how you want it, and you don’t want to mess with a complicated plug-in chain. You wish there was such a thing as a simple “in your face” control that could bring that singer forward, without risk of clipping. There is, and it’s called Punch. In this Punch plug-in tutorial, audio engineer, musician, and educator Josh Carney covers the bases of this powerful plug-in from Antares’ AVOX family of essential vocal tools.

Punch Plug-in Tutorial

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Creating a Knockout Mix

Punch handles gain, compression, limiting, and overload prevention all inside a no-nonsense interface. Josh shows how to set the input level with the Gain slider. Then, the Impact slider applies the secret sauce—it evens out dynamic variations in the track and brings up their overall level. Finally, the Ceiling slider adds a limiter to avoid overdriving the signal.

Try some of the techniques you’ve learned in this Punch plug-in tutorial to hear the result—a vocal that jumps out of the speakers without you having to rethink the mix around it. 

Punch makes it dead simple to increase the power and clarity of any mix

Punch Unlimited

Punch is one of many plug-ins available in Auto-Tune Unlimited, the ultimate suite of vocal effects that includes every version of Auto-Tune plus the AVOX family of creative vocal tools. Subscribe now, or see for yourself by downloading a fully functional FREE 14-day trial today.

About Josh Carney: Josh Carney is an audio engineer, musician, and video producer with over 15 years of experience. In addition to creating tutorial videos for Antares, YouTube, Ask.Video, and MacProVideo, Josh offers recording, mixing, mastering, songwriting, and session musician studios at his studio in Tampa Bay, Florida.