Tube warmth. Saturation. Words like these are why engineers will spend four figures per channel on high-end mic preamps. AVOX Warm imparts these qualities to any track, whether it was recorded through a break-the-bank channel strip, a $99 pocket audio interface, or anything in between. In this video tutorial, producer, engineer, and blogger Josh Carney explains the simple but extremely useful parameters of this plug-in.

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First, the input gain is set so Warm is getting a generous helping of signal without clipping. The Drive parameter then behaves differently depending on which of two modes is selected: Velvet, which adds subtle saturation to give a vocal or instrument track extra body and energy; or Crunch, which goes into the thicker, overdriven territory of tube amplifiers.

Unique to Warm is an Omni Tube setting. When engaged, it applies the tube saturation modeling to the entire audio signal. When off, the saturation affects just the transient volume peaks — which in fact is how most hardware tube preamps behave. Finally, the Output slider attenuates the results so as to compensate for Warm’s effects and not clip your track.

Vocals, guitars, basses and other sounds all benefit from the rich tube saturation Warm provides.

Warm is one of the many creative plug-ins included with Auto-Tune Unlimited, the ultimate professional solution for vocal effects and pitch correction. Subscribe now, or just try it out for yourself by downloading a fully functional FREE 14-day trial today. 

About Josh Carney: Josh Carney is an audio engineer, musician, and video producer with over 15 years of experience. In addition to creating tutorial videos for Antares, YouTube, Ask.Video, and MacProVideo, Josh offers recording, mixing, mastering, songwriting, and session musician studios at his studio in Tampa Bay, Florida.