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In this Auto Tune EFX+ tutorial, J Chris Griffin demonstrates how to use Auto-Motion and Auto-EFX to spice up a guitar track and add exciting new musical parts and effects to a song.

Hear how Chris takes a single sustained guitar note and uses Auto-Motion with automation in Pro Tools to generate new melodic patterns that change along with the chords. Then he automates Pitch, Throat, and Filter controls in the Auto-EFX​ multi-effects rack, using the XY Pad as a real-time controller to create filter swells and add motion to the final track.

Auto-Tune EFX+ has been winning fans both in the creative community and the media.It’s currently up for both a Sound On Sound Best Plug-In Award and a MusicTech Gear of the Year Award.

J. Chris Griffin

J. Chris Griffin

Multi-faceted producer, engineer, educator and vocal coach

Veteran producer / remixer / engineer J. Chris Griffin’s experience and credentials in many ways speak for themselves. His 20+ years in the music industry based out of both New York City and Nashville have garnered him production and engineering credits from A-list recording artists such as Madonna, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, Missy Elliot, John Legend and many more.

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